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Nov 22nd 2019 written by Sourodip Ghosh

What an exciting begining it has been for all of us at @thehandloomschool Follow the journey of 16 young women weavers as they become expert at not only weaving but the art of doing business as well. We wish them all the luck. #womenempowerment #womenfashion #womenweave #womenweavers #womenemployment.

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Nov 19th 2019 written by Sourodip Ghosh

We are taking a big step, a vital one for handloom community, and even audacious one for our young women weavers who have assembled today in #maheshwar from Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Chattisgarh,Uttarakhand and Ladakh. Deep gratitude to all those who made this possible. We look forward to an exciting journey with lots of learnings and shared wisdom. These young stalwarts are the future of #handloom. Their seniors are busy preparing welcome cards for the inauguration day tomorrow. Our joy knows no bounds today, the campus of The Handloom School has a different vibe with 16 young women, female energy seems to have enlivened the space. Our Director and staff have been on their toes to ensure everything is in order. Stay tuned, we will keep sharing videos and pictures on @womenweave and @thehandloomschool page #womenweave #weaverentrepreneurs #womenweavers #designfraternity #thehandloomschool #handcrafted.