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May 29th 2020 written by Sourodip Ghosh

Our ladies from the quality check department are ensuring that your masks are perfect. We haven't been able to open up yet, however our adept staff members have taken the initiative of carrying this out from their houses so that we maintain our promise of delivering the best quality products to you. #masks #covid19support #womenartisans #womwnweavers #donateforcrafts #womenweave.

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May 27th 2020 written by Sourodip Ghosh

Dear Friends, As you all know we are going through a rough patch, infact not only us the whole community of craftspeople have been out of work for 3 months. We are helpless because, though we have skills, market is bearish. Even if there is little demand generated from conscious people like you, we don't have the logistics to support us. We have stocks at our disposal and we are trying to add value to them and to create products which will be functional and saleable. We want you to know that we will not give up. We will be agile and work even harder despite all odds. We will always maintain exemplary quality in whatever we do. Based on suggestions from many of you, we bring you this new product, a soft handwoven cotton pouch. These are all purpose storage pouches for your valuable silks or other delicate clothes. Cotton protects them and keeps them fresh and safe. You can customise them as per colour and dimension. We are taking wholesale orders on these pouches. Write to nivedita@womenweave.org. #womenartisans #womenweavers #womenempowerment #womenweave #covid19support #donateforcrafts.

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May 15th 2020 written by Sourodip Ghosh

Meanwhile in our deep rural pockets work continued as our artisans were working from home. Today was their payment day and look at how rural India will continue to keep its crafts alive no matter what. These brave men and women may look frail but they are extraordinary artisans doing their best to save their traditional skillsets even in these trying times. It is our humble effort to stand with them in a mission that's a common goal for many of us. Are you with us? If yes, please be a part of our challenge - #SupportLocalArtisans While craftspeople have been finding their own unique ways to respond to the COVID 19 crisis, Women Weave has been trying to raise awareness about the challenges India's artisans are facing and supporting them in whatever capacity we can. We are launching a social media challenge called #SupportLocalArtisans and I would like to seek your help in making it a success. To participate in the challenge 1.Identify an object in your house that is made by artisans- a sari, a dress or a decorative piece. Talk about why you purchased it and why you love having it. Tag the organisation you purchased it from and if possible, include a 'Thank You' note for the artisan who made it for you. 2. .Follow us on Facebook and on Instagram, and tag us in the post. It will be great if you can link the fundraiser in your post http://donate.womenweave.org/ OR https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/projects/609 3.Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SupportLocalArtisans 4. Please feel free to tag any other organisation that works with artisans or promote handmade products. 5.In your post, nominate two or more friends to carry on the challenge. The more this spreads, the more good we can do. #supporthandloom #womenweave #saveourweavers #covid19support #womenempowerment.

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May 10th 2020 written by Sourodip Ghosh

Happy Mother's Day to all the gorgeous mothers across the globe. We can't physically celebrate this day with our persevering ladies who are steller single moms to their kids. Instead of giving up they challenge their destiny to build a better life for their children. We are inspired by them ; even today when they are inside their houses they are doing best for their families. To help us help them please continue contributing. The link to donation is in our bio. donate.womenweave.org #womenartisans #womenweave #mothersday #womenempowerment #womwnweavers #covid19support #donateforcrafts.

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Apr 29th 2020 written by Sourodip Ghosh

Sometimes it's best to not say a thing. Wanted to take a moment and thank everyone involved in creating the experience that you get while viewing this image. To all the artisans of @womenweave who have worked incredibly hard and with patience to create this exquisite piece. To @sayanchanda for his design acumen. To @fatimaradiowala and @lodhankit98 for curating the shoot and finally to @earthwindphoto for impeccable his photography skills. Thank you @photographerswithoutborders for providing us with an opportunity to collaborate with Tad. To #narmada and #maheshwar for its unparalleled beauty and serenity. So many minds and hands go behind creating a masterpiece. Wanted to take a minute to think about it and acknowledge it in gratitude. To help us keep creating gorgeous textiles contribute towards our COVID 19 contingency fund. Save our artisans by clicking on the link in bio. donate.womenweave.org #womenartisans #womenweave #supportsmallbusiness #supporthandloom #supportartisans #donateforcrafts #covid19support.

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Apr 27th 2020 written by Sourodip Ghosh

This picture captures the essence of our work. Anisha is a weaver while Sahida is a spinner. The two wheels of our bicycle. We have always taken pride in how hard our women work at each step to come up with the finest textiles. There are so many steps before the yarns can be finally woven and each step is carried out by our women with utmost care and precision. Everyone works in tandem to deliver the final product to you. The picture depicts the struggle, perseverance and team work that has gone behind making the beautiful handspun and handwoven textiles that has been wrapped around Anisha and Sahida. The textile has been their bread and butter. It represents so much more than just a gorgeous piece of cloth. To help us provide for our women artisans, contribute to the following link donate.womenweave.org #womenweave #womenartisans #corona #saveourweavers #donateforcrafts #supporthandloom.